April 2013 ▪ MAGAZINE
New City Magazine's (Philippines) mini article on Hero Angeles on the movie "Fighting Chefs". April-May 2013 Issue.
Mar 23, 2013 ▪ EARTH HOUR!
Be a Hero. Save our Planet.
Feb 28, 2013 ▪ TV GUESTING
Watch Hero Angeles on MARS on GMA NEWSTV Channel. Airing date March 4, 2013 at 6 pm.
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March 3, 2013
3 PM
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March 4, 2013
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Robinsons Galleria Mall
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March 6, 2013
on Cinemas
Feb 14, 2013 ▪ HAPPY VALENTINE'S!
Hero says "Happy Valentine's Day!" to everyone!
Feb 13, 2013 ▪ MOVIE UPDATE!
Hero's back indeed! "The Fighting Chefs" showing on March 6, 2013. Watch it in your favorite theaters! Welcome back Hero!!!
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Hero Angeles in "The Fighting Chefs" movie poster. Coming soon in cinemas this 2013!
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Certified Hero Angeles Fanatics (CHAF) together with other fans, organized a surprise birthday party for Hero last Dec. 9 in Quezon City. It was a very successful and happy event! Fans came from Manila and from different provinces in the country. The party was also supported by other fans abroad. Thanks to everyone!
Happy happy happy birthday to our Hero! Actor extraordinaire, a gifted talent, and a man with a good heart - Hero Angeles! We wish you a very happy birthday and we are sure that all your wishes will come true! You truly deserve them! Happy Birthday, Hero!
October 14, 2012 ▪ NEWS! NEWS!
Hero Angeles, on the cover of OFWorld Magazine's October 2012 issue. A free magazine distributed in Italy! Thanks to for featuring Hero!
July 22, 2012 ▪ NEWS! NEWS!
Hero Angeles joins the cast of the comedy-action movie "The Fighting Chefs". A film by Ronnie Ricketts, in joint-venture with Viva Films. Shooting starts on July 28.
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Hero Angeles' OFFICIAL and GENUINE TWITTER ACCOUNT The twitter account theheroangeles is a fake one. Please only follow .
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Watch Hero Angeles interview on Showbiz Inside Report (ABS-CBN) aired last June 9, 2012. Interview by Joey Marquez. 'Hero Angeles' became the 5th trending topic on TWITTER Worldwide during the airing of his interview!
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Catch an exclusive Hero Angeles interview on Showbiz Inside Report this Saturday June 9, 2012, 2:30 pm on ABS-CBN !
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Hero Angeles now has his OFFICIAL and ONLY Twitter account. It's Start following Hero Angeles today and get to know the latest about him.
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December 12, 2010 ▪ MAGAZINE FEATURE
Hero Angeles featured on New City Philippines December 2010 Issue

Hero has been helping Favola Shirts®, a livelihood project of Pag-asa Social Center in Tagaytay for almost 4 years now.

July 8, 2010 - Open Letter




July 8, 2010

OPEN LETTER : Angeles-Moreno Issue

This is to express our side and our own opinions regarding the “Angeles-Moreno” issue.



It all started last June 17, 2010 when I, Henry Angeles called Mr. German Moreno (Kuya Germs) regarding the new GMA soap program “Endless Love” because we received a script and found a problem. This call happened after myself and Hero Angeles talked about the script.

Kuya Germs is Hero Angeles’ manager for TV and Film. Hero was labeled differently on the script and the role was a complete reverse of what was originally offered to him. Last May 2010, I was notified by Kuya Germs  about an offer for Hero on a new soap. The only detail Kuya Germs gave us was that it would be a regular major role and a best friend of the male lead star.

Kuya Germs said “hindi naman bibigyan ng management ng “extra” role iyan dahil Hero Angeles na iyan” (“The management won’t give him a role as an extra as he is already Hero Angeles.”) - so I asked for a clarification and he willingly said that he would ask the production as there might be a mistake. After a few minutes he called me up, I was surprised that he sounded irritated. He stressed that Hero’s role is what we had read in the script and that it was not the original offer anymore. He did not give any explanation. With him insisting on the role, I was prompted to say in a polite and calm manner even if I was very disappointed, “Hindi po ganito ung pinag-usapan natin. Ano ba naman ito. Para naman tayong naglolokohan po nito.” (“This isn’t what we had agreed upon. It’s like we are not taking things seriously.” ) I started to ask why as I was so puzzled how it went. He started freaking out and he called me a name, until he declared that everything between us including Hero was all over. I didn’t react due to respect.

I then called the GMA Official regarding Hero’s role and my phone conversation with Kuya Germs. He carefully explained that the role is just actually a small role that can be given to any “no-name talent”. So, it is very clear that it doesn’t match what Kuya Germs had previously told us and promised us. I also asked the GMA Official a favor that this incident be kept just among us. He then agreed.

June 19, 2010 I informed “Walang Tulugan” Talent Coordinator through SMS  that Hero can’t make it for that day’s taping due to immediate personal appointment in Olongapo.  Out of professionalism, we still sent that notice even if Kuya Germs had already declared closure, that it was over for Hero.  We did not hear anything from them.

Surprisingly June 24, 2010, fans started informing us about Kuya Germs’ article on Hero on not attending the show’s taping.  We saw his article and it was completely the reverse of the truth. We were also wondering why he started writing about it and he did it after one week knowing it was an internal dialogue.

June 26, 2010 Kuya Germs wrote on his article, “Sayang at baka ‘yung role ni Dennis Trillo sa Endless Love ang dapat sana ay napunta kay Hero Angeles kung hindi niya ito tinanggihan agad.” (Too bad and maybe it is the role of Dennis Trillo in Endless Love that could have been for Hero Angeles if he did not reject it right away.) Contrary to what he wrote, what me and Hero rejected was the “extra-like” role and not that of Dennis Trillo’s.

Kuya Germs also wrote in that article “I am just trying to help him get exposure. Palagi ko naman siyang inirerekomenda sa mga higher ups pero siguro hindi siya paborito...” (...I always recommend him to the higher ups but maybe he is not a favorite...) Knowing Kuya Germs as one of the industry’s institutions and an icon of Kapuso Network and coming from his own words, does it imply that Kapuso Network’s system is run on favoritism?  


Before Hero’s GMA contract expired last 2009, I talked to Kuya Germs and he said that GMA will not anymore renew ANY artist and he asked us to stay as the network likes Hero and they have plans for him. Then under his management of one (1) year and four (4) months, he kept promising a special role on a soap, a regular role, and great plans of the management for Hero on radio, TV and personal conversations. They just became promises. We still respected him although we had several experiences of unpaid TV guestings, pre-booked TV guestings which were cancelled and sudden “political-campaign-like” guesting which was never paid and explained. I, as a personal manager was not informed of the sudden guesting and it happened during break time of “Walang Tulugan” taping. However last May 12, 2010, he was able to book Hero for a provincial gig sponsored by Ms. Alice Eduardo of Jaen, Nueva Ecija. Kuya Germs asked for a commission, he named his price and we agreed to pay it. Later on we discovered issues about the commission. We still kept silent out of respect for him.

We do not like to think that we were neglected by Kuya Germs even if everybody knows that he is fully focused and personally “hands-on” to his other talent Jake Vargas, he should not have had given us promises just to make us stay.

It’s my duty as a personal manager to also know the details of my talent’s project. For me, a manager always looks after the best interest of the talent. One is not a manager if you just say YES even if you do not know the details. A manager also protects the talent at all costs when the situation calls for it. Even if the manager’s name is being assassinated in the media, a real and total manager shields the talent from any thing that can harm him/her.


With all these happenings, this makes us feel that Kuya Germs is truly pushing Hero away. Maybe this letter will raise eyebrows and give this comment, “Hindi na kayo dapat sumagot, dahil si Kuya Germs iyan...” (You shouldn’t have spoken, because that’s Kuya Germs...) – I think it is everybody’s right to defend oneself and stand for the truth, especially when no one ever asks for your side of the story. With these bad experiences we decided to move on and move forward and we believe that there are still good, proper and worthy individuals hidden in show business.

Thank you for your time.


-Henry Angeles and Hero Angeles





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