(Jan 20, 2009)

Hero guested on SIS,
GMA. Talked about
concerns from 
letter senders who
were breadwinners.

HERO & Luna Mystica
Mall Tour SM Baliwag
(Dec 12, 2008)

Hero together with other
Luna Mystica stars had
a promotional mall
tour at SM Baliuag

(Nov 17, 2008)

Luna Mystica begins.
Catch it every M-F
right after 24 oras
on GMA telebabad.

(Nov 3, 2008)

Hero becomes one of
the Doctors Love of SIS
(Gma's noontime variety
and talk show)

(August 23, 2008)

Hero teaches the young
with Art Angel, 830 am
GMA 7. Saturday.

(May 12-14, 2008)

Hero played for "Kung
Ako Ikaw" Challenge
on GMA. 

(May 3, 2008)

Catch Hero soon
on GMA's "Kung Ako
Ikaw" a reality
gameshow among

HERO tapes for
(May 5, 2008) Catch Hero soon on GMA's "Kung Ako Ikaw" a reality gameshow among celebrities. PHILIPPINE STAR on HERO (April 28, 2008) Click here to read the article by Bot Glorioso. DYESEBEL SIS PROMO (April 28, 2008) Dyesebel SIS promo airing today! 1030 am. Phil time. Hero joins Dyesebel SOP promo (April 27, 2008) Dyesebel cast including Hero promoted the show on SOP live. It was the soap's grand launch on SOP. Hero together with the other land-based creatures (Kris Bernal, Aljur Abrenica, Ricky Davao, Jean Garcia, Bianca King and Luis Alandy) were interviewed outside the studio by Regine Velasquez and Jaya. Hero plays the role of Mark, a poor fisherman who has a grudge on Fredo's family. Hero joins Dyesebel SM Fairview Promo (April 26, 2008) Dyesebel cast including Hero promoted the show at SM Fairview, Quezon City. Venue was heavily filled up with audience and fans up to the higher levels, each wanting to have their own glance to their fave stars. Hero received a lot of welcome cheers and applause. He delivered a song. After Hero went straight to Broadway Centrum for advanced taping of Master Showman where he co-hosts. Hero joins Dyesebel Startalk Promo (April 26, 2008) Dyesebel cast including Hero promoted the show on Startalk live, at 3 pm. Hero together with Mylene Dizon, Ricky Davao, Marco Alcaraz had a walk-in plugging of the show with Ms. Lorna Tolentino, co-host of Startalk. Hero joins Dyesebel Eat Bulaga Promo (April 26, 2008) Dyesebel cast including Hero promoted the show on Eat Bulaga live, 12nn - 3 pm where they appeared on the last gap of the show. Hero introduced himself briefly along with his character name. Hero joins Dyesebel Morning Palengke Tour (April 26, 2008) Dyesebel cast including Hero toured some Quezon City markets to promote the soap. Visited markets include, Balintawak, Munoz and Commonwealth Markets, started at 8 and ended past 10 am. Hero on SIS taping for Dysebel Promo (April 23, 2008) Hero once again joined the cast of Dyesebel as they promoted for the show on SIS. Airing, Monday, April 28, 2008 Hero on Dysebel Press Conference, Sofitel Philippines (April 21, 2008) Dyesebel launches its very glamorous presscon and presentation at Sofitel Plaza, Manila Bay. With the complete cast each on their own character costumes, Hero once again showed that he is still very much a talk of the town and a favorite of the press people after a long hiatus in showbiz. This presscon was featured shortly at 24Oras (weeknights news program of GMA) Hero tapes for NUTS Entertainment "Dyesebel Promo" (April 17, 2008) QCatch Hero on a funny segment of Nuts Entertainment, "BALAKUBAK'. Tentative airing May 3, 2008 QTV "SWEET LIFE" features Hero Angeles and FAVOLA Shirts (April 16, 2008) QTV channel, through their show "Sweet Life" featured Hero Angeles and Favola Shirts on their anniversary episode. Hero together with Harold, a young man from Favola Shirts talked about the shirts and the wonders it do for our less fortunate brothers. www.favolashirts.com ATTENTION! (April 14 2008) There is no such truth on the write-up at People's Journal last April 14, 2008 by a certain Dino Erece. Some writers do this to get attention, others do this to create a system wherein the stars plead or beg to them in turn becomes a gratitude towards them that they will not put you anymore on negative issues even though nothing is true and real about it. We are very sorry that there are still press people who are like this, it is such a shame to the industry. Hero, and his brother-manager Henry Angeles co-managed with Mr. German Moreno don't have any problem at all. There is not even a single truth on his write-up. The relationship is very professional and very good. Please do not taint anyone's image just for the sake of other's interests. Our Hero moves on and no one can ever stop that. 'MAYNILA" Episode with Hero Angeles (April 12 2008) Hero acts once again as a very industrious and principled young man in this weekend's offering of MAYNILA. Together with Rhian Ramos, the story offers a story about friendship, love and teamwork. Hero tapes SWEET LIFE episode featuring FAVOLA Shirts (April 7 2008) Favola team with Hero Angeles together with Harold, a scholar of Pag-asa Social Center taped QTV's Sweet Life episode feat. Favola Shirts and its mission last April 7. It will be aired on QTV 11 on April 16, 2008 at 7 to 8 pm. SAYAW-ONE @ SOP Hero's Back! (April 6 2008) Hero gets back on the dancefloor as he dances together with the other GMA stars for SAYAW-one segment of SOP. WALANG TULUGAN MASTER SHOWMAN (March 2008) As usual, Hero co-hosts on this late night - midnite show hosted by Kuya Germs Moreno for the whole month of March. MAYNILA EPISODE TAPING (March 2008) Hero once again guests in this Saturday teen drama with Manila as the backdrop. Paired with Rhian Ramos, this episode is reported to be aired for April 2008. DYESEBEL CASTING (March 2008) It's surely no stopping for Hero! Our hero is included in GMA's newest primetime soap "Dyesebel". Stay Tuned! Hero is included in this soap's line up of cast. Dyesebel is a remake of the original Filipino film about mermaids, and sea creatures. Hero Sighting (Feb 2008) Hero co-hosts for the Love month and Anniversary of Master Showman February 2008. Hero Won 1 Million Pesos for Good Cause (Feb 3, 2008) Hero played for a partner and won 1 million pesos in "TOKTOKTOK" a GMA lifesize snakes&ladders gameshow - primetime Sunday. Hero Sighting (Feb 3, 2008) Hero cohosts Master Showman 11th anniversary Hero tapes for Sweet Life on QTV (January 28, 2008) Hero tapes for the talkshow, Sweet Life aired from Monday to Friday on QTV 11. Coming soon. Sked of Hero at Master Showman Presents (Feb 2008) Sked of Hero's co-hosting at Master Showman: February 2 February 9 HERO Cohosts Pre-Anniversary of Master Showman Present (Jan 26, 2008) Hero co-hosts again for Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman for its pre-anniversary special. HERO tapes for a gameshow (Jan 15, 2008) Year-of-the-rat-born Hero returns to this lifesize snakes and ladders board. Airing to be announced. HERO tapes for WISH KO LANG (Nov 22, 2007) Hero participates on Wish Ko Lang's motto in giving hopes and happiness to people. Coming soon. HERO plays for WHAMMY gameshow (Nov 10, 2007) Hero tapes a Whammy game-sode to be aired this week, on Friday November 23. To be shown before 24oras, GMA 7 primetime news program. Watch as he plays HERO CO-HOSTS again on Master Showman for 2 consecutive saturdays of November (Nov 10, 2007) Hero co-hosts again for Master Showman for to consecutive Saturdays of November. Nov 10 and Nov 17, also to be shown thru Pinoy TV abroad. HERO talks about being bullied in school with Lucy and Wilma on "SWEET LIFE" (Nov 6, 2007) Hero talks about school life and being bullied in school with Lucy Torres-Gomez and Wilma Doesn't in a primetime talk show of QTV, "SWEET LIFE" Aired: Nov 6, 2007 Tuesday "STOCKROOM gets WORLD PREMIERE screening in Malta!" (Nov 2, 2007) Stockroom was screened in Malta's "Revenge of the Blood Filmfest 2007" at St. James Cavalier Theatre. It was a lone Philippine entry. "STOCKROOM in MALTA, Europe" (Nov 2007) Stockroom was chosen for WORLD PREMIERE presentation in Malta, Europe for its Revenge of the Blood Filmfest this November 2, 2007. Malta, is an EU member. More infos to come. Congrats to filmmaker
Hero and to the excellence of Pinoy talents!
"HERO SIGHTINGS November" (Nov, 2007) Catch Hero Angeles this November in Sweet Life again on QTV 11. Also, for 2 November Saturdays as he co-hosts again for Master Showman Presents, GMA7 - Every Saturday late nite. "HERO on SWEET LIFE TODAY QTV 11" (Oct 2, 2007) Catch Hero Angeles today at Sweet Life QTV 11 hosted by Wilma Doesnt and Lucy Torres. "STOCKROOM TRAILER on YOUTUBE' (Sept 14, 2007) Watch Stockroom's trailer on youtube. Click Here. "HERO on PEP INTERVIEW" (Sept 14, 2007) Philippine Entertainment Portal talks about Hero's appearances on two GMA shows this September and working with Starstruck winners. Written by Jocelyn Dimaculangan. Read More. "HERO-LJ on TANOD TABLOID" (Sept 14, 2007) Nitz Mirrales of TANOD talks about LJ Reyes working with Hero for the taping of their "Maynila" episode to be shown on Sept 22 Read More. "HERO STARS NEXT WEEK's MAYNILA EPISODE" (Sept 15, 2007) Hero stars next week's episode of "Maynila" Sep 22, 2007 alongside LJ Reyes and Jackie Rice. A love story you wouldn't want to miss. Hero's back! "HERO PLAYS FOR TOKTOKTOK" (Sept 15, 2007) Hero plays for GMA 7's TOKTOKTOK a primetime game show every Sunday. Will he open the good luck door? Let's see! Enjoy and let's cheer for him! "YES MAGAZINE features STOCKROOM" (Sept, 2007) YES Magazine's September issue features STOCKROOM including an interview with its filmmaker, Hero Angeles. YES is a popular entertainment magazine in the country. "HERO Tapes for a Kuya Germs Bday Special" (Sept, 2007) Hero surprised the bday celebrant, Kuya Germs Moreno, the country's highly respected TV personality in this delightful daily show. Coming soon this October. "HERO Tapes for a GMA weekly teen drama" (Sept, 2007) Catch Hero this month as he appears on TV once again with his acting prowess. Fall in love once again. "HERO Tapes for a GMA7 Game Show" (Aug 27, 2007) Catch Hero as he participates in the latest game show of GMA. Coming this Sept. "SA PULSO" on QTV features "STOCKROOM" (Aug 11, 2007) News Info-tainment show, "SA PULSO" features newest filmmaker Hero Angeles and his successful indie film "STOCKROOM" on Monday Aug 13, 2007 at 10 PM Manila time on QTV (Channel 11 on UHF) "KAPUSO MO, JESSICA SOHO features "STOCKROOM" tonite, Saturday, Aug 4, 2007 at 9 pm on GMA 7 on GMA 7 (Aug 4, 2007) Catch the "STOCKROOM" feature and interview tonite at Ms. Jessica Soho's magazine docu show. Also, catch Hero uplate afterwards at the Master Showman Presents STOCKROOM FILM TRAILER on GMA 7 July 7, 2007 (July 6, 2007) "STOCKROOM" film trailer will be shown tomorrow July 7, 2007 on GMA 7, through the late-nite show, MASTER SHOWMAN Presents. Catch also Hero's personal interview with Mr. German Moreno, one of the Phil showbiz's living legends - also in that show. STOCKROOM at CINEMALAYA Independent Film Festival (June 22, 2007) "STOCKROM" was chosen as one of the film to showcase for this year's CINEMALAYA Indie Film Fest. Read More. STOCKROOM a SUCCESS! (May 1 2007) Even if it was Spiderman 3's grand opening day nationwide, Hero's "STOCKROOM" was able to make it with a STANDING ROOM success last May 1 for the premier nite of his indie horror film at Indie Sine, Robinson's Galleria. Jampacked with fans and loyal supporters, it was a great victory for Hero's very own indie film. Media writers and Showbiz TV programs covered this triumphant event. Read More.
(April 10  2007) 

Hero and FAVOLA
were featured on KABUHAYANG
Bayan Productions,
Hero endorses Favola.

(Feb 25 2007) 

Tanod Tabloid Issue Feb 25

HERO on ABC5's
(Feb 23 2007) 

Watch Hero as he cooks 
on ABC 5's latest cooking show,
Feb 25 at 10:30 am.

TANOD Tabloid -
"Hero Endorses Favola"
(Feb 13 2007) 

Popular local celebrity, Hero
Angeles, is FAVOLA’s flag
bearer and ambassador of its
mission to enkindle new sparks
of hope in the Filipino youth. 
Hero, known to be a principled
and talented young actor,
decided to leave show business
in the middle of his fast rising
stardom in order to pursue
other loftier ideals.  Still,
his popularity remains strong.
Hero says that being
part of FAVOLA enables him to
share to everyone not just the
beauty of the Philippines but,
even more importantly, the fact
that if we work together, we can
concretely improve the lives of
other people.  “It’s a heroic
venture for a worthy cause,” 
Hero says.  “It’s a good time to
promote our tourism and
encourage Pinoy talents.  When
this opportunity arose to get
involved, I immediately
grabbed it.  I felt I could
help give a voice to the youth
of Tagaytay who
started FAVOLA, in a creative
The brand's slogan, "Wear
FAVOLA, be a HERO" is an
 invitation to both tourists and
locals to celebrate the beauty
of the Philippines, as well as 
to contribute to building the
lives of others.
FAVOLA shirts is one of the
many projects of PAG-ASA
Social Center in Tagaytay
City. Despite the booming real
estate and tourism industry
on the hilltop, poor families
still exist at every corner and
along  the hidden roads of this
exciting travel destination.
Mr. Frank Schmelzer, director 
of Pag-asa Social Center,
thought of developing this
idea of silkscreened shirts as
a means of livelihood for a
group of out-of-school youth
in Tagaytay to help sustain
their families. The project
has since evolved and
developed, fruit of the joint
efforts of the young talents
who volunteered their designs
for the worthy cause.
FAVOLA Store is located at
Cornerstone Building Calamba
Road corner Ligaya Drive,
Tagaytay City

ABC5's Newest 
(Feb 2007) 

Hero guests for the newest
cooking  show on Philippine TV.
Keep visiting this site for
more infos. Coming soon on

(Jan 22 2007)

Phil tourism shirts, FAVOLA
has just set up HERO billboards
at  Cornerstone, Calamba Road,
Tagaytay. Billboards show Hero
endorsing the charity project that
helps lives of families in

Click on the CONTACT page of 
FAVOLA shirts web site to see 
the map.

Please come to the store
and help us rebuild lives. 


(Jan 2007)

Popular Philippine Celebrity,
the FAVOLA shirts.
FAVOLA presents a
collection of proudly
Pinoy-made designs
printed in Tagaytay. 

FAVOLA shirts carry
Philippine tourism designs,
cultural icons as well as pop
and spiritual culture.

FAVOLA is just one of the
many  projects of PAG-ASA
Social Center and FOCOLARE
Philippines which  aims to
build and enrich lives of the
poor families in Tagaytay.


(Jan 2007)

Radio host DJ Mo Twister
guests Hero on  Wednesday,
Jan 10, 2006 7 am Phil time
on his radio show at Magic
89.9 FM. Don't miss this very
exciting 'convergence' of
thoughts and opinions.  Catch
our HERO as he speaks
every thing new
with him.


Hero has just finished
shooting for his first indie film,
"STOCKROOM" and also his
first directorial project. He
says that it has been such a
difficult experience, but very
rewarding. He's now looking
forward for another challenges
for the editing and finishing
stages of the movie. More
to come! Keep on
visiting the site!